Chayse Evans Dishing Out Ball Torture

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When Chayse Evans gets a naked guy in front of her he is in deep trouble. She makes him spread his legs and close his eyes as she starts by kicking his balls hard while wearing high heel boots. When he’s still standing after the third kick she slaps his balls and grabs them, squeezing till he doubles over.

She releases him so he can have a few more kicks before kneeling in front of him to whip his cock. She squeezes his balls and whips his cock some more before making him kneel down for more cock torture from whipping. She squeezes his cock before grabbing hard and twisting.

She whips it some more before dragging him to his feet for some more ballbusting kicks. After the final one drops him to his knees she drags him up to punch his balls. He is then allowed to leave, although he does walk away with bandy legs. This great scene of men in pain can be found at Brutal Ballbusting.

Daniel Suffers A Ball Parachute And Weights

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If you’re going to be a submissive slave to someone then having Alexis Golden as your mistress is a definite bonus. She has lovely huge tits that she enjoys rubbing up against you even if it is just to tease before denying you pleasure. She ties up Daniel before putting a parachute on his balls and adding weights. She whips him then and every move of his is making the weights twirl, pulling his balls lower. He is made to lick her ass before she rides him and in a twist that surprises him she gives him a handjob till he comes, he was expecting at least some denial. Then he realises what she’s doing, she carries on causing him pain to his sensitive head then bends him over to strapon fuck his ass. This cbt extreme scene can be found at meninpain.

Kade Gets His Balls Stretched Sat In A Chair

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Simone has found a new tool to cause pain for her slave boy. This specially designed chair has no base or front piece leaving him open to cock and ball torture. She straps him to the chair then grabs his balls to tie them up, digging her nails into his balls at the same time. She attaches a chain behind his balls and attaches that to the floor before hanging weights from his balls. She makes him suck a strapon before putting it in his ass. She dangles weights from the chain then, pulling his balls lower while sucking his cock. He is then turned over to have his ass beaten with a ruler and then having his ass whipped. She climbs on top of him then and rides him before making him wank off in front of her. Meninpain has this scene and many more exteme cbt torture vids here.

Curt Wooster Gets Hot Wax On His Cock

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When Curt was handed over to Madeline for the day he knew he was in deep trouble. He wasn’t pleasing his mistress so he was sent here to be taught obedience and knew enough about Madeline to expect the worst. She tied his hands above his head and put pegs up and down his body before ripping them off. He was tied lying down with his cock and balls tied then she stepped on his cock, flattening it. She sat on his face and set a mouse trap which snapped on his cock head causing him loads of cock pain. She dripped hot wax on his balls and cock before strapon fucking his ass while giving him a handjob. She waiting till he came then started scratching his cock with her nails. This cbt torture can be found at MenInPain.

Kade Gets His Balls Stretched To The Limit

Watch Sabrina Fox use huge rocks for cbt torment.

Sabrina Fox may be an absolute stunning dominatrix but she is very sadistic and has no sympathy with her submissive men. She ties Kade to a wall standing up and ties his cock and balls tight with quite thick rope which it had to be to take the weight she was going to use. The ropes went over pulleys to buckets which she filled with huge rocks really stretching Kade before she released him then tying him in the middle of the room to leave him exposed for an ass whipping. She used hot wax before strapon ass fucking Kade then whipped his cock some more before giving him a handjob till he came then climbed on top to ride his cock till he was sore. Watch this scene at MenInPain.

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